Friday, February 22, 2008

The VERY last sock club package!

Back in December I received what I thought was my last Woolgirl sock club package... I was wrong!

If I had been paying attention, I would have realised there were 4 shipments - and the 4th has just arrived! This means that the club was MUCH better value than I calculated, and I am now feeling like an ungrateful hussy for complaining about the import duty I paid on the parcel-before-last. Strangely, this one was valued at "$20" on the Customs slip, while the package that was seized by Customs said "$40". If anything, THIS one was the most expensive-looking!

Anyway, inside we have: a waterproof heart-print project bag; chocolate; drinking chocolate; M&M's in a heart-shaped metal box; a heart-shaped stitchmarker; TWO patterns and a skein of Zen Yarn Gardens merino/nylon mix in "Blush" (soft, sproingy - I like it!)

For the first time, I actually plan to knit the sock pattern provided. Well, one of them. Interestingly, Jen says in her accompanying letter that she was uncertain about sending this pattern because it includes cables and might be too much of a challenge. How odd! I always assumed people would join a sock club because they were already experienced sock knitters in search of new thrills, so until now the patterns have left me cold. This one has plenty of spice: cabled hearts and some sort of bobbley cuff-edge - very flirty!

P.S. I have "borrowed" the photo from another club member - I do hope she doesn't mind! Our packages were almost identical and my cd for photos is refusing to talk to my work PC. So if you think this photo is yours, it probably is... (at least I am owning up to it!)

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