Sunday, February 24, 2008


On Saturday, I met up with the NEEPS (North East Eco-Friendly People) and collected my food co-op order. Now I have 3kg of organic risotto rice, 3 bags of organic bread flour, a huge bottle of eco clothes-washing liquid and no room in the kitchen cupboard.

I also came home with wallflowers and a chocolate mint plant - hooray! I planted these at the back of the house where the utility room used to be, as the beginnings of a back door garden. I still need to get rid of the old bath, bags of empty coal sacks, broken flower pot collection etc, but it's a start!

My son is suffering from a bad cough, which my daughter has now caught. Son has now moved on to a vomiting phase. Heart sinking - what if FL is next? Trepidation.

Knitting the second looooong stocking: nothing like the first one, but by some miracle the wide orange stripes line up with the wide orange stripes on the first one, so they strangely "go" together. Ten rows to go before the heel flap.

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RooKnits said...

It seems the whole world is ill at the moment. I need a mask in the office today to keep the germs away. Hope FL doesn't get it (I also hope you don't either!). I love the socks, they are amazing! Can't wait to see them together.
I am also intrigued to know what a chocolate mint plant looks and smells like. I might have to do a bit of investigation