Friday, March 28, 2008

Getting away from it all

“Getting away from it all" is high on the agenda for next week.

There has been the added complication that the kids were due to fly to Heathrow Terminal 5 this evening and of course their flights have been cancelled. All attempts to rebook have been complicated by the fact my daughter is an "unaccompanied minor" (even though she is with her brother) so it can't be done online... and you can imagine what BA's "helpline" is like right now! They now depart later than the last booking-in time for the pets at the kennels some 50 miles north of here... so it looks like our holiday departure will also be delayed by 24 hours unless we do something terribly clever involving 2 cars and a shuttle system.... hmmm.

But I have my packing list:

NYC ballet workout dvd for pre-breakfast exercise

Packet of rye bread mix – to be freshly baked for breakfast with scrambled eggs, marmalade and Lazy Sunday coffee – mmm!

Sewing paraphenalia: the Japanese coat WILL be tackled!

Knitting goods: lace ribbon scarf, Embossed Leaves socks, Strudel hat, self-striping socks

Reading materials: His Illegal Self, The Literary Underground, Knitting Nature, Jane Brocket’s book (from the library) plus assorted “quality” newspapers to be gathered en route.

I can’t wait!


Penny said...

Oh, I hope it all gets sorted out for you. Have a lovely holiday.

ambermoggie said...

Congratulations you won my contest Ruth, please forward your address as I've forgotten it:)
Enjoy the holiday

Anonymous said...

Hope you made it OK. Enjoy ....