Monday, March 24, 2008

Holiday plans

All being well, FL and I will be going on holiday for a week soon.

So I am planning my holiday activities. I will be in a cottage in the middle of nowhere with views of the sea, electricity and a log fire but no internet. Delicious luxury!

I want to try something different – i.e. to have more than one project on the needles at the same time – gasp! This goes against my whole work ethic. I have this psychological need to do one thing at a time, completing the task at hand before changing activity. But lately I have been feeling quite envious of those knitters who have a range of projects to dip in and out of, and therefore have the option to gorge themselves on knitterly Cadburys, or pick delicately at a morsel of Belgium’s finest. (It’s Easter – indulge me in the chocolate metaphors for a moment!)

So I am going to challenge myself with a selection of projects which have been whirling around my head lately.

Socks for my daughter. She picked out Cherry Tree Hill from the stash and the Embossed Leaves pattern - good match I think!

A hat from Woolly Wormhead’s book. Probably Strudel. No yarn bought yet - better get a move on!

The Lace Ribbon Scarf in Hipknits organic merino (pictured above)

Easy self-striping socks from the stash, probably for FL. Maybe toe-up.

Do you think that’s enough to keep me going?!

I will also be reading. I am really really enjoying “His Illegal Self” by Peter Carey. It is compulsive reading. The story-telling / plot is somewhat awry (is this entirely deliberate?), but I love his playful use of language and the way he constructs his characters. If I was still a literature student I would be able to give you an example off the top of my head, but I am not one of those people who can quote entire scenes from films or books.
Read an excerpt here.

And I am also planning to take my sewing machine on holiday! There will be clean wooden floors with space to lay out my fabric, and no animals traipsing through it or sticking their noses in my face as I crawl around with pins and tissue paper: peace!

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Anonymous said...

I have made many pairs of the embossed leaves socks. I just love the pattern. They knit up so quick. I hope you enjoy them as well. Enjoy your holiday!!