Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sock chick

I brought my tulips home for the weekend: FL said he wished he had bought them for me!

My bread-making skills are definitely improving - I used the same recipe (from "Apples for Jam") Baking is now part of my weekend routine.

In between trips to tap-dancing classes (it was my daughter's exam this weekend) I made myself a needle case for my dpns. One "fat quarter" of cotton, a piece of leftover cotton / linen from dressmaking and some extra-thick interfacing made a substantial sandwich. I decided to use a button and loop to fasten it, and a scrap of cotton lace to cover my dodgy side seam (ahem!). It looks very Easter-like somehow: must be the chicks!

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Penny said...

I like the tulips: very springlike.