Friday, March 07, 2008

Spring fever

The sun is out again - I wish I had my camera here to show you!

I am feeling inspired by the oystercatchers at work - every year they nest on the roof and drop "treasures" through the vents onto the printer... err yes! Being an eco-friendly organisation we actually provide them with pebble-filled seedtrays to settle on - aw bless! The sound of excited chicks when their parent arrives with food is magical! I saw some fun bags embroidered with images of this bird and would rather like to use the idea myself on a smaller scale. Maybe fasten it with some shells threaded on a kilt pin?

In my knitting life, the 2mm needles are getting me down. I feel like I have been knitting for hours with nothing to show for it. Which is not true, because I have finished the heel shaping and am now on the home strait towards the toe of sock one.

But I need a drop of instant gratification. Hence an order for 100g of Malabrigo and Ysolda’s new hat pattern “Verity” – lovely! Hopefully this will arrive in time for me to whip up a spring hat this weekend.

I am once again determined to crack on with The Coat. Before summer arrives. But I need to find the right pattern.

Central heating? Don’t be ridiculous! The radiators are due to be delivered today (again) but no date has been fixed for their installation…

Meantime, FL has a very very nasty cough and is on antibiotics. He was too tired to golf on Wednesday.

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