Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cherry Strudel Crunch

As well as wild walks, it was a holiday for knitting and sewing. I knitted a couple of pattern repeats on my daughter’s Embossed Leaves Socks. There is a lot of pooling and I would have been happier using a smaller needle, but having got this far I am carrying on. I saved my Lace Ribbon Scarf for dark evenings by the fire and added a few inches to its length.

But my favourite holiday knitting project was the Strudel hat by Woolly Wormhead. The yarn is a lovely cherry dk wool from Coldharbour Mill, purchased online at Great British Yarns. (I bought three other colours at the same time - hooray!) I learned to “wrap and turn” from the detailed photo instructions at the front of the pattern book – the training I needed before I embark on a toe-up sock, so that’s an extra bonus!

The first of 9 segments to make a hat knitted up rapidly: an openwork lacey pattern for the crown, and an intriguing basketweave cable below, both happening on the same straight needle. I was having a cracking time knitting this and would happily have sat up all night until I finished it… but on the last row of the first segment there was a sickening “crunch” as my needle snapped. And no, I don’t have spare set.

But the other thing I made on holiday was the most exciting: my Japanese coat! FL went golfing twice, in Lochcarron on the other side of the mountain, and I took the opportunity of being stranded alone in the wilderness to set up my sewing machine and spread my material in the spare bedroom where the Velux window gave the best light and the painted wood floor was in no danger from my scissors.

I would love to show you pictures of the completed garment, but the one thing missing from my holiday home was an iron, so although I “made” the coat and its lining, I was unable to press any of the seams, so have had to wait to get home to do the finishing: steaming the seams open, edge-stitching the collar and fronts, attaching the lining to the coat, making the buttonholes and hems. Meantime, here is a tantalising picture of the lining fabric: the red is the “right” side.

This weekend, I will have a new coat!

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