Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A house by the sea

The Applecross peninsula is one of those places which doesn’t lead to anywhere else. If go there, you do so deliberately. Speaking to a local in the pub, I was told that when children reach secondary-school age, they have to go to boarding school in Plockton, only returning home at the weekends, as it’s too far to travel every day.

So families make their choices, and many choose to live somewhere else.

All along the coast there is evidence of former settlements. At Callakille, ours was the only habitable house, but all around were the remains of a former community. We could not resist a trepidatious (not a real word but it should be!) look around. Talk about "fixer-uppers"!

The house we stayed in had been passed down through generations of the same family and there were photos on the walls of the people who used to live there. It felt like a privilege to be sharing a family’s history in this way.
Just beyond “our” garden was the cliff edge, leading to a wild and lonely beach. We spent many hours exploring the shore, with only a few sheep for company. Reading the visitors’ book, many couples had chosen to spend a honeymoon here and I cannot think of a better place.

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Penny said...

It sounds like you really did get away from it all!