Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ribbon Lace scarf

Another finished object to report.

The is the Ribbon Lace Scarf from the latest edition of Knitty, modelled by my daughter. There was just enough yarn for 14 repeats of the lace pattern, which makes a neat little cravat-size scarf. Super-soft Hipknits handspun merino sock yarn in a soft shade of lavender, totally washed out by the sunlight in this photo, but I liked the atmospheric shot.
My laptop appears to be OK (touch wood) and at least it has made me more conscious of the need to back up my documents - at home and work!
FL also seems to be OK, with no further visual disturbances and renewed energy (digging the veg plot, would you believe!?). But he has knocked a hole through his sea wool socks - nooooo! Lucky he enjoys darning, eh?
I am halfway through knitting my cherry Strudel hat and I love love love the pattern - such an interesting knit!
My April stash socks, the Embossed Leaves, are waiting in the wings. I reached the heel turn on sock one before Strudel fever gripped me. This will be next week's priority.
And I bought some wool from Uruguay.... ooooh! Pictures will follow!

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