Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A whole cherry strudel

Sunshine at the weekend slowed my knitting progress. Instead I dug manure into the veg plot and sowed some seeds in pots on the bedroom windowsill.

But I managed to finish my Strudel hat.

My photographer was outdoors without her shoes, so lost patience with me before getting the perfect shot. Yes, clearly I do need to get a haircut.

I found this a fascinating knit. I learned to do a provisional cast on and the “wrap and turn” technique so often used for toe-up socks. Woolly Wormhead's photo tutorials in this book ("Going Straight") are really clear and easy to follow. Knitted on straight needles, the first 33 stitches are in a dense lattice cable, forming the band round the head. Beyond this, 9 short row openwork sections shape the crown of the hat. From the top, they look like the segments of an orange. This part of the hat can be worn to one side, to the back, or to the front for different looks. I prefer the “one side” approach as otherwise I look like I work in a chicken-processing plant or as a school dinner lady. It would look fabulous with sharply-bobbed hair peeping out at cheekbone-level!

The yarn is pure wool dk from Coldharbour Mill, colour “Cherry”. 3.75mm needles – strong ones! After snapping a wooden needle, I switched to Pony Pearls, which are luminous orange plastic with a reinforcing wire through the middle. Not glamourous, but absolutely fit for purpose.

I have three more skeins of their dk ready for other projects from this book: “Going Straight” by Woolly Wormhead.

By the way - my Volksfaden order arrived! That's amazing - I only ordered it on Friday!


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Yummy :0)

grannypurple said...

I hope woolly wormhead knows how influential your blog is--I have downloaded & bound her book, & look forward to working my way through it as successfully as you (and reducing stash at the same time... )

Bryony Ramsden said...

Saw this on Ravelry first and didn't even realise that it was Strudel. Very cute, especially in that cherry red.

But while you might fancy a trim, don't go as far as that bob for the hat ;)