Thursday, May 29, 2008

Less is more?

Today I received an email from The Sweet Sheep alerting me to the fact that Yarn Pirate had arrived in the shop. Interesting, I thought, and surfed over there… well eventually. Once I got through to the website, which seemed to be on the verge of collapse, it was very slow going indeed. And this was on Broadband. Several minutes later, I managed to get to the relevant page, and saw a “nice” colour of merino tencel sock, Apple, so I tried to pop it in my shopping cart while I continued browsing… but that took several attempts. By now, I could feel a rising tension… almost a feeling of panic… that clearly there were several (hundred) others trying to buy the same item as me! So I abandoned my search and tried to checkout. Again, I was getting error messages.

So I nipped over to the Loopy Ewe – and noted that they also had received their stock of Yarn Pirate, and business did not appear to be quite so brisk… but they were charging $3 more per skein- an eye-watering $30 per skein!

And then it struck me. I didn’t even WANT a skein of sock yarn! Apple Yarn Pirate merino tencel – yeah? So what?! I have plenty of sock yarn in my stash. The colour wasn’t really “all that”, and by the time I paid shipping I would probably be looking at paying over twenty quid for a pair of socks. HOW much?!

I feel as if I have made some sort of a mental breakthrough. Have I broken a pattern of addiction that I didn’t even realise I had? I often get caught up in sale fever when Wollmeise / Sheepaints / Posh open their shops for business – but nine times out of ten I am at home on a pathetic dial up connection and have no choice but to watch the feeding frenzy from a different timezone! But today I was part of the chase. And I didn’t like it.

Crikey, maybe I have started listening to myself. Less is more?


RooKnits said...

I did a similar thing yesterday... I saw that Alice at Socktopus had Koigu on offer I put 4 skiens in my virtual basket and then thought, hang on, I don't need any more sock yarn. Especially in nice varigated colours even if they are amazing. I closed the browser. I am shocked at my self control.
P.s. You are tagged.

Gabrielle said...

Ha! I think that you may be entering my current yarn head space - I'm 'off' yarn. Honestly.(Almost). Every cupboard and drawer I open - yarn falls out.

I have yarn to do scarves, yarn to do socks (oddly enough), yarn for jumpers, yarn for lace, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn...

...enough! So I have sort of stopped looking - I think that it might have been part of why my Wonderwool haul was so little?

I only wanted to get things that I really, definitely knew that I have projects to work up.

Not to mention that I think I might becoming a bit yarn immune...I've seen quite a bit of stuff now, I used to buy loads when it was all new and exotic but now?

Just like your realisation on the yarn and the colourway, I look very carefully at the colour, the quality of the dying, the fibre mix and whether it will make me itch etc.

Also, for some obscure reason, the quilt fabrics in my cupboard keep winking at me.

Ngg, I might need to get my sewing machine, ironing and cutting boards out?