Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sartorialist Stripes

When I saw this self-striping colourway in my bag of Online yarn, I was determined it would make socks for my teenaged son. He wasn't so sure.
To my eye, it is a very sophisticated European male stripe - sort of Milanese I think. Boden might use it for a shirt in the Italian Stallion range(!) Certainly it is the sort of thing you might see on the Sartorialist's blog. I would love N. to grow up to dress as creatively as this young man or this one! But he has his own developing style, best described as "dreadlocked Viking". And that's fine too!
So these are the Sartorialist Stripe socks. Just don't tell my son.


RooKnits said...

Lovely Lovely stripes... and very manly in a European kind of way.

Dee said...

I think those socks will fit in perfectly well with the dreadlocked Viking look!

Very nice socks. The pattern stripes nicely.