Friday, May 09, 2008

Shocking pink felt

As well as making my Volksfaden skirt, I cleared out my wardrobe at the weekend. All my winter tweeds and thermals are packed away until… oh at least July! And hanging in their place are my summery things. These take up a lot less space: partly because the fabrics are thinner, and partly because there are fewer items. Oh dear – do I need to do more sewing?!

I struck lucky at the library again, and reserved “Sew What – Skirts”. What a gem of a book! Inside are really clear and simple instructions on how to make unique skirts to your own dimensions without buying commercial patterns. Their fabric choices are inspirational and the techniques section ensures you make a good job of the structure. I used the instructions for “understitching” the waistline on my Volksfaden skirt and it really improved the hang of the garment. There are some really cool styles in here – I highly recommend it! Not just bag-like elastic waists and drawstrings, there is a full range of shapes: a-line, wrapped, pleated, layered, flounced, half-circle, straight – brilliant!

Rather less professional is the approach of my other library selection “Yeah I Made It Myself”, which is stuffed full of witty fun DIY fashion, with liberal use of the glue gun (the Project Runway judges would be horrified!). You may be shocked to hear I ordered a copy straightaway! Not for myself - for a teenaged girl’s birthday. I reckon that at 16 she is ready to be inspired to create her own style and the crazy high-speed approach of this book is guaranteed to get her started, before she gets dragged down by perfectionism and the fear of “mistakes”. I love the idea of a simple felt skirt with a row of paper-dolls holding hands as a belt. I will never forget the day Liz Lochhead (poet) visited my secondary school English class wearing a shocking pink felt mini skirt which she had clearly made herself using huge hand-stitches. I feared for her seams when she crossed her legs! But how liberating to turn a slash of wild colour into a garment for the sheer exuberant sake of it! This book captures that spirit.


sue said...

Hello! I so rarely leave comments, even though I am a serial lurker and really enjoy your blog, but today I have to thank you for this post. I love skirts, but never seem to find what I'm looking for - this book looks like a treasure and so immediately ordered it...hope my results are as good as yours, I still have nightmares of school sewing classes!! Sue.

Roobeedoo said...

Thanks Sue! Good luck with your sewing!