Friday, May 23, 2008

Socks for a bear

A slight change of plan. Last night I asked my son to try on his Crosswalker sock so that I could check the foot length… and he could not get it round his ankle! It must be due to the bias knitting. Ordinary “straight down” socks fit him fine with this stitch number (80). His feet are as wide as they are long and have a very high instep. There was no hope of this sock getting round the corner.

Surprisingly (given his initial apathy towards these socks) my son was quite cross! Especially when FL tried it on without any problems! So the Crosswalkers will now belong to FL and I need to start again on socks for my son. My son, who likes hand-knitted socks!

Did you ever read the "Little Bear" stories by Else Holmelund Minarik? They were huge favourites when my kids were small! I am reminded of Mother Bear making Little Bear "something to put on", garment after garment, and Little Bear still complaining about the cold, until Mother Bear tells him to take it all off again, leaving him wearing a nice thick fur coat - and Little Bear running off happily to play in the snow. Ah those were the days!

Anyone have any suggestions for a pattern for a high-instepped sock for a bear-footed male?


Dee said...

Little Bear books were a definite favorite around here when DS was a little guy (many years ago!)

RooKnits said...

I guess you want something with some ribbing in to make them stretchy... how about the Boyfriend Socks?
However I'm not sure I'd cope with using a 2mm needle for these.
Are you allowed to make socks for your son that are called "boyfriend socks"? And they would probably work better with a solid or semi-solid yarn too.

RooKnits said...

And I've just remembered that you are already knitting these for FL. Doh! Back to the drawing board. Have you got the interweave favourite socks book? I made the Retro rib for Tony and these are really really stretchy!