Friday, May 16, 2008

Stripers, L- Platers and Lifers

Taking a leaf out of Jane’s book, I have decided to cast on for three pairs of socks at the same time. I am hoping that this doesn’t lead to Interminable Sock Syndrome. The idea is to smash the stash a bit faster before the moths have a feast. Also, to get through some of the patterns in my Ravelry queue before they start looking too familiar and therefore less exciting.

So there will be three categories of sock on the go: Stripers, L-platers and Lifers.

Stripers speak for themselves. I still have 6 balls of Online Supersocke in funky striping colourways in the stash. Something for everyone in the family! I plan to start with a pair of Crosswalker Socks (pdf pattern by Emily Miller - many inspiring versions over at Ravelry!) for either my son or FL. Not quite as wild as a Jaywalker, suited to the more sensitive male palette. I reckon my son is due another pair of handknit socks but he is a teen boy and I need to try the idea out on him first. There’s no point spending hours knitting something that won’t be appreciated. He wears the first pair I knit for him, so I am hopeful.

L-platers are those patterns I have accumulated which I have been too scared to knit: toe-ups, advanced architectural extravaganzas and the like. You know the ones I mean! Anything by Cookie A or Yarnissima. Gulp.

Lifers are the ones that I am always meaning to knit – where I have had the yarn and matching pattern ready in the stash for EVER but just haven’t got round to casting on because some flashy new design caught my magpie eye, yet again! So my STR needs to come out of hibernation AT LONG LAST! And there is absolutely NO good reason for not casting on my red Nature’s Palette (from Roo) for the I Love Gansey Socks. Immediately!

Off we go then!

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RooKnits said...

I read your post and realised that I kind-of do the same thing, I hardly ever knit sock 2 straight after sock 1 to try to avoid SSS.
However, I also realised that I have 3 socks in progress on my projects page. One of which I haven't touched since October and the other one since Jan or Feb (where does the time go?) I suppose I should finish these before I start on another pair. But I dug out my Online yarn the other day. It is so summery (it's turquoise) I desperately want to find a chevron pattern to knit with it.