Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Liberty bodice

I cut out this top a year ago. Then FL got sick, the weather changed, and I could see no place in my life for a skimpy cami! But I have been wearing its long-sleeved cousin quite a lot at the weekends for those “smart casual” occasions (also known as picking my daughter up from tap dance classes) so I thought I ought to get it made.

The material is “Milly” by Liberty and it is very fine cotton lawn. I hadn’t really appreciated the difference that good quality cotton makes until recently. (Perhaps because I only ever bought cheap stuff!) Liberty lawn is very fine but it doesn’t crush within seconds like cheap cotton. It drapes beautifully and is really easy to sew. This was a remnant from “Little Treasures” at Ebay.

The pattern is from this Japanese pattern book, the fourth garment I have made from this book – so a good buy! It is just a simple vest top, but it is made special by using home-made bias binding on the neck and arm holes, and by the three lines of shirring elastic just below the bust. These are stitched using the sewing machine, with ordinary thread up top and elastic in the lower bobbin – scary! But not as hard as I expected – you just have to make sure that you hold the material taut for rows two and three and make sure you tie off the ends of elastic really securely.
I added the cotton lace with black velvet ribbon insertion to take the attention away from the bust. I am not used to appearing quite so well-endowed! It makes the neckline stick out a bit, but not enough to be a problem. Great with jeans on a hot summer day.


Twelfthknit said...

Looks great. Could you put the ISBN number up? I h ave decided to make an effort and hunt out some of these books..Cheers,

Segwyne said...

That is lovely. I have never sewn with elastic thread. I wonder how smocking would work for it. Very pretty and looks comfy for warmer days. Nice job.

Twelfthknit said...

Thaks - and I see that I had already visited that post... Iwould say it is the dental trauma affecting my memory but I think it is just me getting old ;0)

Knittings Nice! said...

Very pretty.