Friday, June 13, 2008

The makeover continues

Thanks from FL and my daughter for the birthday wishes!

I finished the scarf and started another – pictures will follow along with other crafty goodness!

Segwyne asked if our cooker was the usual European size – and made me look at it properly for the first time. No - it isn’t! It is much narrower than the average, and this explains why I can’t boil pasta next to the big pot of spaghetti sauce – I was blaming the size of the pots! I suspect that FL bought this cooker for a caravan he used to rent out to oil workers and moved it up to the house when the caravan fell into disuse (oil workers these days live in luxury steading conversions!)

So anyway, there I was last night, mentally measuring the cooker as I waited for the kettle to boil, switched the back ring on to cook the peas and …. BANG! There was an almighty “gunshot” and a puff of smoke! The back ring had exploded! I think I need a new cooker… it must have heard us talking about it!

Also last night, we drove through the country lanes with our dodgy old trailer to collect a pine bedstead for the “spare room”. (We will get a new mattress but a second-hand frame is fine.) All went well til FL took the wrong turning and ended up in a dead end – and he no longer has the flexibility to turn in his seat to see to do a complicated reverse round a corner with a trailer, so we had to get out, unhitch the trailer and turn it by hand, turn the car and reattach it – oops! But the bed is great, and the start of preparations for my mother coming to stay for a week in July – gulp! We just need to gut out the “spare room”( aka “the downstairs study” aka “FL’s junkroom”) – major clutter clearance and a coat of eco paint required! And the carpet. I think I had better rip up the carpet. Bare boards would be an improvement.

Oh – and I got bargain tiles for the bathroom floor! I wanted rubber eco-friendly ones, but those cost £10 a tile and are mail-order only. These were £2.50 for a pack of 7 (half-price clearance!) and are like looking down into a swimming pool, guaranteed for 7 years – perfect!

And did I tell you I have booked an appointment to get my hair cut?! (Not til 11th July – they are fully booked til then!)

The frugal makeover continues.


RooKnits said...

If only we lived closer. I have a spare cooker (in fact 2 spare cookers) which are currently residing in the new "project" house (which was two flats - hence two cookers). Hmmm. Hope you have fun with the makeover this weekend.

zombiecazz said...

Do you use freecycle. They often have cookers on there.

Happy birthday from me too , to your FL and DD.

Loving the scarf.

Dee said...

You have been busy! Congratulations on finding a tile that you like and at a good price too!

You'll have to show us pictures of your new haircut.

Bryony Ramsden said...

Ditto Zombiecazz - Freecycle are fantastic. And don't forget the local free ads paper too...

And please tell me you are keeping your hair long!