Friday, June 06, 2008

New inspiration

When I answered my UK Swap Questionnaire I said I didn't do much crochet. The biggest thing I ever made was a purple rasta beret out of fake acrylic "mohair". And last summer I churned out a pile of felted flower brooches for my friend's charity sale. I bought "Crochet Me" and sold it on again at Amazon within weeks because I just didn't think I would ever feel enough love for crochet to justify the expense of the book.

But today I have been struck down with adoration for a crochet scarf, and all other projects will be cast aside while I indulge myself!

Here's the Ravelry link to MK Carroll's "Anne Scarf": US version and UK / Australia version.

You want one don't you?!

I first spotted this project at a new-to-me blog : My Art is My Outlet. Crikey, this girl makes some lovely things! I also followed her link to an Etsy shop to buy some cute little Japanese rubber stamps - oops!

I am feeling totally energised - it's either Jade's blog or the coffee!


RooKnits said...

Oooh that is very pretty! I've got some silk that would look lovely in.

zombiecazz said...

yes lovely. might have a go myself. My mum would love it for Xmas.

dizzyjadey said...

Thanks so much! Glad to have inspired you....and I love your knitted projects. Now there's a skill I need to learn. :-)

kerrie said...

I bought the US version of that pattern before realising that there was a UK versoin, maybe that's why I'm so horribly confused by it!

Segwyne said...

That is a beautiful color. I made my daughter some legwarmers for her 4th birthday this past February from some yarn that color. Later, I alternated rounds of that bright pink and a flecked grey to make myself a hat. Putting the two yarns side by side seemed crazy, but alternating rounds made a lovely mix, not too bright, not too drab.

I, too, would enjoy seeing pictures of your new kitchen.

Segwyne said...

I just now realized I posted this on the wrong entry. It was supposed to go with "My Holiday Home". I'm sorry.