Friday, June 27, 2008


This week, my little girl has been attending induction sessions at secondary school, in preparation for next term when she "moves up". My son has started his Higher Grade coursework. (For non-Scots, Highers are the qualifications you need to get into University.) It feels significant. I feel older! No more babies in my life and a different sort of mothering required.

So it is appropriate that I finished my son's first sock last night. The model (FL) is too thin to show off the stitch pattern - it is much more apparent on my son's wider foot. Lots of stretch - I recommend this pattern for a bear-footed male! It is Colonial Rib (a free pattern from Cider Moon here.) The yarn is Online Sport Color (from my multi-pack bargain) and I like it very much indeed: rich colours, clear stripes, strong and reasonably soft (it's a wool / nylon mix.)

Obviously I need to crack on with sock 2 for this pair and for FL's Crosswalkers (in that order).

But I am deeply immersed in forward-planning as the summer holidays approach. We aren't going away this year so I am hopeful of long knitting sessions in the garden. I organised my Ravelry queue yesterday (I am "Roobeedoo" if you are a member and want to look me up over there!) and it is now pretty accurate.

So... watch out for sneak peaks of knitting progress over the next few weeks. I won't be blogging as regularly, but I should have more to show you when I do.

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