Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Work in Progress

When I wrote about my "holiday home", you perhaps did not hear the irony!
Here is the new dresser - this is the new, sparkling, smart end of my kitchen. Lovely, isn't it?

Dappling sunlight - ah lovely!

And here is the view from the kitchen window at about 7pm last night.

Ah - lovely isn't it?

And here is the rest of the kitchen...

The basic structure gives me hope. I love the little window in the back door - it opens now! There is another little window above the sink (which doesn't open) and a big window to the left. Oh - and a skylight. So lots of light. And I like the high narrow shelf that runs along the top of the wall.

But the "fitted kitchen" was installed when FL moved here in 1972, and is in a sorry state. The drawer fronts are falling off, and the cupboard under the sink has to be held shut with a stool at night to stop the mice getting in - they seem to have an entrance under there somewhere! The "retro" cooker does the job - but I am not sure for how much longer!

And I hate the clutter on the windowsills and worktops. FL has a tendency to pile tea towels and newspapers on every surface - on top of empty food packets and dirty plates so you can't actually use them to dry dishes. And sometimes the things underneath get swept onto the floor because he didn't remember they were there. And the floor is littered with various buckets, baskets and bins. Some contain washing, or recycling. I have plans for these: a new set of labelled recycling bags has been installed to the left of the dresser and everyone has been provided with a laundry bag which I only want to see on Friday evenings, when I start the weekend washing marathon. So the plans are in place. But this is very much a work in progress!

Just in case you thought I had achieved a miracle and had a dream kitchen - not yet!


RooKnits said...

The dresser is gorgeous, as is the view.... and the rest certainly has potential!

Penny said...

The view really is gorgeous. And the window in the door is really sweet.

Segwyne said...

I love kitchens. How nice to have a window over your sink to see beautiful views while washing the dishes. I think this might be my first view of a normal European kitchen, and I noticed that your stove seems quite small by my American frame of reference. Is that the typical size of stoves there?