Thursday, July 03, 2008

Another wedding!

Today is a very special day for a bloggy friend of mine. Andre is getting married to his partner, Ed over in Vancouver, Canada. They invited FL and I to attend, but it was rather short notice!

Andre is currently preparing for a “mini allo transplant” to combat his Myeloma and has been on a real rollercoaster ride with this darned condition and assorted treatment regimes since September 2006. Right now, he is healthy – long may it continue!

A toast to Andre and Ed: cheers!

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motopacsman said...

Thank you Roobeedoo.

I have to say publicly that the "minor little thing" that arrived at our door last week was the most thoughtful and hilarious thing we've ever gotten. I'm completely serious about this. Ed and I are trying dilligently to find something to drop on your door.

(Not because we could possibly match your brilliance, but because you both deserve something memorable from the colonies.)