Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lace and Norah

In my week away at home, there was a lot of knitting and a lot more thinking about knitting!

I had a good stock of books to fuel me. From the library: “Last Minute Knitted Gifts”, “Knitting Little Luxuries” and “Lace Style”.
Of the three, probably the only one I am seriously tempted to buy is “Lace Style”. It turns out not to be a book of shawls and scarves, but a compendium of all projects lacey. I am extremely serious about knitting the “Peek a boo Cloche" hat (Ravelry link) and I can’t believe I had not seen it before – why isn’t it the hit of the blogosphere? Two layers of DK, the top one being a beautiful lace, and the bottom being purely for insulation and “show through” colour contrast – lovely!

Three other projects from this book are tempting me. First up (all Ravelry links), the "Lacy Waves" jumper from Norah Gaughan. I would buy the book for this pattern alone. Love it. The over-elbow lace gloves - my daughter wants these! And the "Shetland Shawl Turned Vest" from Veronik Avery. Oh so pretty, but what would I wear it with? I need a wardrobe rethink, because I keep seeing delicious little slipover-type tops (Maude and Anais (Ravelry link) spring to mind) which I don’t knit because I don’t have the requisite under-layers. What kind of thing? I don’t know – maybe just a simple fitted top with opaque but lacey sleeves, perhaps flared at the wrist? Clearly I should make myself something suitable…

And of course my “Norah Gaughan Volume 3” arrived. And I bought the yarn for Eastlake. Because I have to have it. See picture! But the yarn is Sublime extra-fine merino, and I am scared it will be splitty like their merino cashmere silk aran with which I have spent two weeks of solid agitated knitting and vowed never again. I discovered that “Sublime” is just the posh arm of Sirdar. My mother told me she never knit with Sirdar because of its splittiness – pah! But I love the colour (Sloe Berry) so I will have to persevere. Maybe just not yet.

Other things I love in this book: the Eastlake scarf, the Assemblage cardigan which has super-long sleeves which I might even make with a built-in thumbhole, Calvert and Loppem. Again with the undergarment problem!


RooKnits said...

Eastlake is gorgeous, I think Loppem is my favourite.

Bryony Ramsden said...

I'm so jealous! That looks like it will be gorgeous, especially in that colour... Yum yum!