Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Shedir today (gone tomorrow)

So where is all the knitting Roobeedoo?

We know you were knitting in the waiting room for at least two hours and we know you spent a lot of time in the car park waiting for your daughter to finish dancing every night last week – so where’s the yardage?

Well it was like this…. I tried to knit Shedir. I tried to knit it twice. Once, I even got four inches up from the cast-on edge. But I couldn’t do it. This project did my head in. I could not memorise the pattern even for one row’s duration. I would start off in the right direction, and by the time I changed needle for the first time (knitting on 5 dpn’s) I had already lost my place. I tried stitchmarkers and bar-gate notation. Nobody was allowed to speak to me while I was holding the needles. Nothing worked. On Sunday night I ripped it out. A week’s knitting down the drain. What a relief!

I thought I would knit Koolhaas instead, as I have made one before and it looks a bit like Shedir. But the only aran-weight yarn in the stash was too soft and drapey: not enough structure for a hat.

I am now working on a scarf. It is in a herringbone stitch pattern and I am very very pleased with it. My target is to knit a whole ball’s-worth before I take a photo – coming soon!


RooKnits said...

I was looking at the baby Shedir the other day and thought, hmmm I can't knit that on the train!

granypurple said...

I'm with you on Shedir--I knit it last year for a friend (now late, as Mma Ramotswe would say)--handpainted silk, which only bnroxbfcontributed to the confusion. Finished it, and realized that it was way too big, so had to rip and resize. Fortunately, she loved it, and her husband still mentions it when we see each other.

gabrielle said...

You know, what a relief to read that a knitter whose skills I respect fought with this pattern!

Shedir was one of the patterns that I printed off when I was hat pattern hunting for my mother (while she was having chemo), right back when I got back into knitting this time around. I don't think I got more than one row past the cast on before inexperienced confusion set in - I felt so inept, I almost gave up the idea of knitting her a hat at all.

Crikey, I doubt I would be knitting now if I'd bought her a hat instead.

Gosh. What an odd thought - the rest of the blog world might not think this but thank goodness for good, plain, simple, easy to understand Sirdar (or was it Patons?) pattern phamplets...wow!

CarpeDyem said...

Am I right in thinking that the Shedir is the pink cap at the bottom of the link??!! Wow, gorgeous thing. I think I would have to isolate myself to concentrate! Respect to you for having a go, don't let it beat you though!