Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Short sleeves

I don't often get to wear short sleeves. Even in summer, my house is too draughty (though that should be fixed soon as we get insulation and gap-sealing as part of the central heating deal - woo hoo!) At work, my office window is hidden behind a massive tree, so even when the sun should be blazing through, we have to have the strip lights on and it is cold and damp.

However, there are so many interesting "overtops" in my Ravelry queue that I decided I need to make something to go underneath. I was inspired by a lovely top on the Anthropologie website (bottom right of photo). The original is gingham with printed swallows and has a ruffle down the front. I found a similar Burda pattern (number 7831) which takes only one metre of fabric. One metre, even for larger sizes! This makes it positively cheap to make, even with Liberty fabric!
So I dug out my precious remnant of the Liberty "Streets" print, which has line-drawings of trees and tiny birds all over it - quite Japanese-looking. I decided I didn't want ruffles. I cut it out at the weekend, in between major gardening sessions. Hopefully I will have a summer blouse before the sun goes away!


RooKnits said...

No way, just a metre? Really?
I love that liberty print. I need more shirts for work... maybe this is what I need to make on my week off (only 8 more work days to go)

Sally said...

That print is lovely, can't wait to see the finished shirt