Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to school

So that’s it – the summer is officially over as the kids went back to school today. New shoes. Name tags. Lost timetable. Unfinished homework. What a lovely evening it was!

That’s both of them at secondary school now! Gulp.

While they were away in London visiting their dad, I made over my daughter’s room ready for being at “the Academy”. Gone are the “high bed” and the pale yellow walls, and the collection of “Groovy Girl” rag dolls (I love those dolls! They have been packed away for a future generation.). We agreed on a sunny-sky “greek blue” pigment, because really we are not quite ready for goth purple walls at age 12. Really. And we had a carpet laid last week – which is goth purple! And I splashed out on a gorgeous Monsoon duvet cover which is deep red, purple and turquoise. And dyed her old curtains from yellow with red tulips to turquoise with purple tulips. And brought a table upstairs to use as a desk. The room is transformed!

And of course we needed a new pencil case, because what is a new term without a new pencil case?

And a little pouch for carrying essential girls’ bits and pieces. Not that she needs them yet, but we believe in being prepared! I wish I had had one of these at school. The ignominy of trying to hide things up your sleeve and asking to be excused….you know what I mean?

The pencil case and pouch are both from WatanWatan at Etsy. Thanks Kyoko!

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Kyoko said...

Hello! I see something familiar :) so happy to know they are being useful. Thanks!