Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First long long lacy

Aunty C. is safely on the other side of the world in Japan on holiday (oooh!), so I can show you the first completed long long lacy glove.

It will be an added incentive to finish the pair before she returns!

It’s a really easy pattern once you get past the cuff, which I found quite challenging at first. That felt like “proper” lace knitting. Who knows, I might be ready for the Shetland Lace Triangle next!

I love the colour, although she wanted “dark purple or black”. Um, yes. This was called “midnight” on the website so I expected something darker. Although the pictures are coming out the right shade, it seems lighter in real life. It is a cashmere / merino mix and is so very soft. I think she will still like them.


zombiecazz said...

Those are rather pretty. Nice work and I love the colour.

Bryony Ramsden said...

Oooo gorgeous! I wouldn't have thought of knitting those till I saw yours :)