Wednesday, August 06, 2008

In the garden

There have been lots of references to my herb garden this summer.

I started work on this garden three years ago. I weeded and I weeded and I planted a little and was still left with a patch of scrubland covered in weeds. The neighbours complained that they could see weeds out of their bedroom window. I told them that I was doing my best. They informed me that I lacked respect for them. Scuse me? Whose farm is this exactly?!

Anyway, in year two I grew plants from seed, planted out little specimen plugs from a specialist nursery and weeded and weeded. And the rabbits feasted themselves silly and only the strongest survived. So last year, FL put up a ramshackle fence for me, and I weeded and planted and threw nasturtium seeds in the gaps. Then FL got sick. The weeds grew to waist height and we decided to pay a gardener to do the big summer weed harvest.

THIS year, I have been weeding since May. My little plug plants are now sturdy bushes. A couple of trips to local garden centres yielded a surprising variety of lavenders and a few interesting herbaceous perennials at minimal cost I love the verbena bonariensis! The neighbours like the delphiniums. And I am excessively proud of my red valerian, anise hyssop and azorican thyme. And of course my woad! It’s still a work in progress, but I am ready to call it a proper garden.

And at last I have finished the Big Weed: from now on it should just take a brief hoe-ing once a week to keep it under control.

And in the kitchen garden, we have edible vegetables! While FL's pal was visiting for a week of golf and whisky, we ate courgettes and broad beans from my vegetable garden. And there's plenty more still to come. The golden beetroot are doing well, and so are the purple ones.

So where are the chickens, eh?!


RooKnits said...

Are you sick of courgettes yet? Let me know if you have any good recipies - I have made ratatouille three times in the last two weeksi (anchovies are my secret ingredient to stop it being boring).
I must post some pictures of my squash that may be pumpkins but are definitely NOT courgettes. They are getting big! And I will soon have more runner beans than it is possible for one person to eat. It's all very exciting though.

ambermoggie said...

looking good Ruth:)
BTW have nominated you for an Arte y Pico award, details on my blog