Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jam and a Rural Art Installation

As well as the veg crops in my garden, I am lucky enough to have several large patches of wild raspberries at the edge of the Top Field.

FL tells me that our neighbours to the south used to be raspberry-growers by trade and that these bushes are self-seeded descendants, blown over the wall. I didn't know raspberries did this, but who am I to argue?

Nowadays, the neighbour's field is full of wistful-looking cows, watching as my daughter and I pick box after box of juicy fruits.

We made a big batch of jam at the weekend - we had to stop when I ran out of jars. Raspberry crumble anyone?

Other local news: there has been a mysterious Happening (as in "1960's live art experience") at the end of our road. Remember, we live in the middle of nowhere...? Well a week or so ago I drove down the farm road, onto the "main" single-track road (it's not even a "B" road!) and there, in the deepest pothole puddle, was a tiny flourescent yellow rubber duckie - aw bless! It was there for a few days and then it disappeared. A few days later it returned. And then it was gone again.
Then last night,as I drove home, I came across THIS! (Click to enlarge photo and read the sign). I didn't do it! My children didn't do it. Cars do not randomly drive along this road! So we are putting it down to Hit and Run Street Art. You city dwellers have painted potatoes on top of bus shelters? Well, we have Rubber Duckie! Sadly, Mother Duck was gone this morning...


RooKnits said...

Raspeberry Jam, YUM YUM. We have some raspeberry canes at the "new" house. I went round there yesterday to pick some of them, most are later fruiting ones. I also got lots of blackberries from the brambles in the hedge. They are now stewed with some apples and are waiting to become a pie. That's a project for tomorrow.
How weird about the duck, but also kind of cool!

Robynn said...

Hey! You know about the potatoes? Because I've been seeing the potatoes (not just painted, but festooned with spikes), and I still don't understand them. Am fascinated to hear there are more potato art experiences out there, or at least, that it is a Known Thing.