Friday, August 29, 2008

Lacey inspirations

There is a bit of a panic on chez Roobeedoo, because my knitting has ground to a halt and I don't want Aunty C. to come back from holiday and preview her gloves on the blog - I need to get them finished and in the post! It didn't help that I realised I had picked up the stitches for the arms inside out. On both gloves. Duh!

I came up with the clever ruse of turning the cuffs over instead of sewing them up with fake bead buttons - very Regency I think! FL and my daughter couldn't see the difference between inside and outside ... but they aren't fashionistas like Aunty C! I may just leave it up to her to "style" them as she sees fit.

So that's my weekend plan: lots and lots of knitting!
I have also been thinking about autumn, and lace is definitely embedded in my brain. I think the Shetland Lace Triangle's (Ravelry link) time may have come!

And I am feeling inspired by the idea of embroidering lace, which I spotted in a couple of Japanese books at Simply Pretty's ebay store. No definite plan for this yet, but I think it looks lovely.

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Go on, come over the the lace darkside....