Friday, August 08, 2008

UK Swap parcel

I have been holding off posting this until I sent off my package.

Lookee lookee! I received the most splendidly extravagant parcel in the UK Swap! It came from Ceri over at Carpe Dyem. Someone was having a laugh matching us up with a pseudonym like that, eh Roo?!

As FL remarked, it was like Christmas morning when I opened the box. Every item was beautifully wrapped in black tissue paper and every packet was more exciting than the one before! I don’t know how Ceri managed to stick to the budget – I suspect she didn’t.

Inside there was:

A ball of Noro sock yarn!
A ball of Peaches and Cream!
A HUGE skein of hand-dyed purple soft and squishy fingering-weight wool!
Audiobooks of Jane Austen novels (for the theme)!
A shawl pin!
Lots of chocolate!
Lady Grey tea!
Point protectors!
A Peter Rabbit card!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this was the perfect package. It ticked all the boxes on my wish list. I keep picking up the purple yarn and hugging it. I am thinking it needs to be something bigger than socks. I am thinking Maude from the Inside Loop. Because Maude has that “Miss Austen” edge, somehow.

I have been too busy to sit down and enjoy the full Carpe Dyem ritual experience. This weekend! A cup of tea, some chocolate and cast on for Maude while listening to an audio book – ooooh!

Ceri – thank you SO MUCH! Words fail me.

And to my downstream swap partner- it’s on its way!


RooKnits said...

Oh that is a most spectacular parcel! I am very jealous. I hope you get to enjoy them this weekend, Maude is gorgeous btw. P.s. As soon as I saw Ceri's pseudonym I knew who to match her with :o)

twigletqueen said...

A huge OOOOOOOO just escaped me as I cast eyeson that purple! Gorgeous! Lucky you!

zombiecazz said...

lurverly loot. can't go wrong with chocolate and lady grey. Love the purple yarn and what a fab pin.