Thursday, September 25, 2008

Christmas sock plot

The latest sock. I've knitted another 3 inches and turned the heel since this photo was taken.

It is the Undulating Rib from "Favorite Socks", using yet another ball of Online Supersocke 100 Sport Colour. These are for my son's Christmas stocking (ho ho ho)!

The directions suggested starting on a 3.5mm needle, but this was ridiculously saggy and baggy. I ripped and started again on 3.25mm which is bearable, if a bit loose for my taste. Then I changed down to 2.75mms for shaping purposes. I had just changed needles when this picture was taken.

It is definitely a good stretchy sock for a wide-footed boy. I am not entirely convinced by the dayglo yellow stripes, but they are growing on me. My son is oblivious to my knitting so these are secret socks in spite of him sitting next to me as I knit!

The plan is to knit my three pairs of Christmas socks (FL, son and daughter) at the same time - i.e. knitting each person's socks at times when they are not around. So FL's will be done while he golfs, my daughter's after she has gone to bed in the evening, and my son's at all times in between.


janey said...

Hi,I often find that sock patterns are a bit large or loose as well, so I usually just stick to my 2.5mm needle whatever the pattern says, I mostly make socks in 4 ply. However I have what I think is an average size foot, 6/39 but if I follow the pattern straight they are usually too long in the foot. If its a plain pattern I shorten as i go but often if there is a cable pattern I have to make one to see if I can leave out a whole patt rep. I hate taking things back when I've nearly finished so my solution is to give the socks away or wear them a bit big and hope that the washing/drying process will help sort them problem!!!!

Mad about Craft said...

I am currently knitting fingerless mittens for DD for Christmas when she isn't in - it takes some plotting and scheming doesn't it?

zombiecazz said...

I really need to start my christmas things. I need to do it at night not to let DD see. The other two probably wouldn't notice. guys do tend to be oblivious.
love the yellow :o)

Twelfthknit said...

The blouse is still in the cut-but-needing-sewn stage. Although I am finding improvements with the RSI due to the osteopathic treatment, I find that manipulating small things can be tricky. after your experiences I want to be up to speed with this before I sew it ;0)