Friday, September 19, 2008

I knit I sew

I finished the Spring Forward socks. Fyberspates Echo self-striping in Flower Garden, from the stripey sock club. 2.25mm dpns.

FL says they are magnificent, the best I've done!

I have also done some sewing but I'm afraid I can't show you! I was test-sewing something very cute for Ruth Singer's forthcoming book Sew Eco. Not something I would have thought of sewing myself but I love it!

Thanks for your kind comments re Feargal. We are getting used to missing him. The dog has inherited his furry tartan bed in place of the huge cold plastic bath-like dog bed he used to sleep in. I came in this morning and he was curled up fast asleep, all snug and cosy - aw bless!

I am knitting a scarf - 269 stitches of scarf! But luckily it is knit sideways so I only have 7 inches to do!

And we have been invited to a wedding so now I have to think up an outfit. Maybe I will knit a shawl... and sew a dress?


ambermoggie said...

gorgeous socks Ruth:))

CarpeDyem said...

My tongue is hanging out over those socks!!

RooKnits said...

gorgeous gorgeous socks!

Margaret said...

I agree- They are indeed magnificent.