Friday, September 05, 2008

New Look for autumn

It is definitely autumnal here. Despite sunlight blazing into my eyes at the worst possible angle, I was cold driving to work this morning. Well what do I expect in September in northern Scotland?

Continuing my pledge to avoid buying ready-made clothes, I need to audit my wardrobe for the coming season. Last year I made a batch of tweedy skirts which I still love and are still going strong. But I never did get round to making some trousers. Wide-legged tweedy trousers - mmmm! Warm and stylish, they would allow me to wear handknitted socks to work! And today I won a suitable pattern at ebay - woo hoo! I like the skirts too...

I might rustle up another tweedy skirt or two, as I have the fabric in the stash already.

And perhaps a jacket? I wonder about a raw-edged collar - is that maybe a bit dated now? Hmmm.

But I also need some woollies. I have a kilo of pine green aran-weight in the stash which was destined to become a Drops jacket - what am I waiting for?!

And I need fingerless gloves for the office - typing is getting quite painful already.

And of course there is Eastlake, waiting in the wings.

Tsk! Get yourself organised girl!

The knitting queue (all from stash!):

Present for nice neighbour's baby - due in November
Drops jacket in pine green Jamieson and Smith's aran
Socks x 3 for family Christmas presents
Fingerless gloves or mittens x 3 for Christmas presents and for me
Woolly Wormhead hats x 3 for Christmas presents and for me
Shetland Lace triangle
Did someone say Christmas?
Lots of chocolate please nurse!

Casting on tonight: Daisy hoodie (Ravelry link) using yarn from the stash. Stick to the plan Roobeedoo!


RooKnits said...

Lovely trousers. I was bad and bought some the other day. They have started to pill really badly already, grrrr. They are a great shape however, so I might have to get my sewing teacher to help me replicate them.
I also need to make a list of things to make. I think I definitely need to knit myself some clothes this winter.
P.s. 16 weeks to go apparently...

Anonymous said...

Thoes pants are sooo cute!

Bryony Ramsden said...

ARgh! 16 weeks? That's so cruel Roo! ;) Anyway, unsurprisingly, I love that pattern - I heart wide legged trousers, but all the good ones in the shops are 30-32 inch leg length, and how many people have legs that long?! Are trousers difficult to make?

And there appears to be a LOT of Norah Gaughan in that knit list ;) Really must get round to getting her booklets...