Monday, September 01, 2008

A pair of long long lacy gloves

Here they are! I managed to finish the Long Long Lacy Gloves for Aunty C. at the weekend.

This is a pattern from Lace Style, but mine are in a closer gauge so look less lacy.
I used The Knittery cashmere/merino sock yarn from Socktopus, colour "midnight" and size 2.75 dpns. If I make them again I think I will go for larger needles or thinner yarn. I had loads of yarn leftover from my single skein.
I like them with the cuffs unfurled, but you can also fold them over. Since I accidentally picked up the stitches for the arm inside out, the lace probably looks better on the folded-over side. The pattern suggests sewing a line of crystal beads along the cuff edge to resemble buttons, but my tighter gauge would have made a closed cuff a bit too tight I think.
Now I just have to find Aunty C.'s address and get them in the post before she comes home from holiday!


wazz said...


twigletqueen said...

They look gorgeous! I'm aazed how much yarn yougot in a skein aswell, I'll have to checkout Socktopus at some point.

Bryony Ramsden said...

YAY! Those are lovely :D And look so much better than in the book! I'm also very impressed that you managed to finish them so quickly!

On another note:
1) Will you be doing the sockdown?
2) I have bought Malabrigo sock yarn! :0
3) Will you be doing the sockdown?!

RooKnits said...

Gorgeous Roo. I love the colour.
I am bad, like Bry, and have also bought Malabrigo sock yarn from Alice at Socktopus... however it went in the post last Wednesday and hasn't arrived yet and now I am worried.

Knittings Nice! said...

Such pretty knitting.