Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Slowing the heart rate

After finishing the gloves within my self-imposed deadline, my heart was racing just a little too fast.

I know that my knitting and my emotional state are interwoven. The higher my heart rate, the faster I knit! Last week was tricky. There was FL's m-spike, which I am trying to ignore on the principle that it is only up by 0.2 and is nowhere near the point it was at when he was diagnosed.

And there was the cat. Feargal decided he would stop eating and just sleep for two weeks. We took him to the vet 3 times. He had antibiotics, antimicrobials and something I didn't recognise with a dog on the packet (!). The only time he showed any spirit was when FL tried to get the pills into his mouth - not pretty! Now, at last, he has decided to eat again. But only top-quality "posh" cat food, and he has to be carried to his bowl from whoever's bed he has been asleep on. Please note: until he got sick, the cat was not even allowed in the bedrooms! Tsk!

It's no wonder I spent the weekend knitting like a crazy woman. I came very close to a multiple cast-on situation. Roo tried to tempt me to the dark side (lace!) and Bryony dangled the sockdown (Ravelry link) under my nose. I was sorely tempted by both! I even got the stash out and played with things: another crochet Anne scarf was begun and frogged, and I wound a couple of skeins into balls ready for Astrid or Anais. But I also felt overwhelmed by the size of the stash. When did it grow so big? Why is it not even catalogued at Ravelry?! Panic panic... gulp.

So I took a deep breath, put away my toys, made a cup of tea, and settled down with a Jane Austen audio-book and my second Spring Forward (Ravelry again) sock. Much better! Calm is resumed. One thing at a time.


zombiecazz said...

pesky animal.I hope he's on the mend.
He looks just like our Willow.

RooKnits said...

Well done on not being tempted! Bry and I must try harder!

Bryony Ramsden said...

Naughty cat! My friend's cat just had a blip in health where he didn't want to eat, and wouldn't even clean himself, but then suddenly got well again, so it might just be a bug going round them. I swear having a cat is just like having a child, except a bit quieter ;)

And I endorse Roo's congratulations, although I'm going to keep kicking you on both of those now instead of just the Sockdown :D Hahahah!