Friday, October 24, 2008


After my little foray into crochet, I needed, really needed, to get back to knitting. I have intended to knit more Woolly Wormhead hats this year, and a rummage around Ravelry led to an unreasonable lust for the Abalone. I ordered the yarn on Wednesday, and was wearing it on Saturday!

This is the ideal shape of hat for people with lots of hair: stuff and go! It takes a little bit of fold-adjustment to avoid looking like you have a paper bag on your head, but this is where good yarn choice comes in. I used Noro Silk Garden – oooh! All the colour gradation but a softer palette than Kureyon and much much softer fabric. What you can’t see, and what I just could not seem to photograph, even with help, is the spray of curly twiglets at the crown: short tassels of “cast on then cast off” yarn – each of which came out a different colour due to the self-striping yarn. If I make this again I will make these longer because they are great fun!

There are 5 panels in this hat and I got the first 4 out of the first 50g ball. This left loads of yarn to make some matching fingerless mitts… or so I thought! I actually ran out of yarn at the final thumb! Luckily I had some toning Colinette Skye left from my Gretel hat for those last few critical yards! This is the same pattern as I used for my daughter’s Warm Braid Wristwarmers (Ravelry link). I love how they came out entirely different and yet matching.

All in all, this was a very economical use of quite expensive yarn: absolutely nothing leftover, and a matching hat and mitt set just in time for this morning’s frost.

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