Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fingers out

I don’t think I wore my toes-out sandals at all this summer. But my daughter is planning on having her fingers out all winter!

I spent a few evenings making a sportweight cabled mitt using my PigeonroofStudios yarn and the Natalya pattern. But it was doomed. Despite having skeletal arms, my daughter has adult-sized hands, so the first mitt would not go over her knuckles until I yanked it hard. And then she told me she was about to pass out because it was so tight! (You are reading too many Victorian novels, young woman!) So I ripped them out.

Back to the stash, and she pounced on the leftover plant-dyed aran from Manon. 4.5mm dpns. Perfect! A better weight for winter, quicker to knit and the colour of her dreams. I used the “Warm Braid Wristwarmer” (pdf link) pattern as the starting point, but added thumbs. The work of two evenings. She says she wants more of them in “every colour”!

The kids are on two weeks’ school holiday, so I am having to fit work around day trips with them. My daughter wanted to go back to “Touched by Scotland” craft shop so we popped in to the Wool Shed (now at Oyne) and she persuaded me to buy a skein of Colinette Parisienne (mohair on a cobweb-fine polyamide thread) to make her a scarf. Ha! I sat down to start the Wave pattern but cast on too many stitches so it was too wide. Without thinking, I ripped it out, sending clouds of fluff into the air and leaving the yarn almost bald. Oops! I will go back to it, but not just yet! Still sneezing!

Right now, I am playing with my new book “Blueprint Crochet” – pictures and a review will follow!

My daughter recommended I read “The Book Thief". It repays close attention so I am taking my time with it. I am enjoying the style. Narrated by Death, there is a dark quirkiness to its structure which reminds me of German drama of the period (1930’s). (Anyone need a subject for a comparative literature paper?!) I am chastened that my daughter read it before me! But I got to the post first when her latest acquisition arrived – ha ha! “Before I Die” looks like a supermarket shelf special teen weepie: 16 year old girl with leukaemia makes a list of things to do before she dies and works her way through them in a race against mortality. Sounds awful, but actually it is very well written, with convincing characters, a realistic depiction of living with cancer and just enough literary devices in just the right places. I stayed up until 2am on Saturday to finish it. And I cried. Read it and pass it on!

FL update:
After last weekend’s upset, he has had a run of unsettled nights, so has been getting up at 4am for a couple of hours, coming back to bed just before I get up. A couple of “waking up drowning, unable to breathe” incidents, but otherwise fine. Still golfing. Thanks to everyone who sent words of support – much appreciated!


RooKnits said...

Lovely handwarmers.... fabulous cables. I will have to see if the Library has any of those books today. I need something to read in Scotland next week. Let me know if you have any day trips planned that involve going south a little -
Fingers crossed for FL. My BF's mum is back at the hospital this morning after her haemoglobin levels have dropped through the floor. She had aplastic anaemia a few years ago and I fear it may have returned. Boo. Just as my mum is finally feeling well again.

Twelfthknit said...

I just listened to The Book Thief on audio for the second time - and cried again.

twigletqueen said...

Ooh, I went to Touched by Scotland and the Wool Shed last month! That's my mum's local yarn shop (well, an hour's drive away) now that she lives in Scotland. I loved it there, wsh we had shops like that in Dorset :(

I like the handwarmers too, hoping I'll have time to make myself something like that this winter.