Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My mind is a blanket

Said Clarice Bean.

Despite the advent of central heating, the open plan sitting room / kitchen is absolutely freezing. Something to do with the wind whistling down the chimney, round my ears and out through the gaps around the back door. Yes, my main living space is a wind tunnel.

Of course we need to keep badgering the draught-proofing people who were supposed to make us windproof back in May when the central heating arrived. We have rung them 3 times this week.

But meantime my mind is on a blanket. An aesthetically-pleasing, snuggley blanket which we can all crawl underneath while I knit, my daughter reads, my son watches TV and FL does the crossword. That would be one big blanket! So I will settle for a two-person comforter. We can fight for it!

I am currently auditioning patterns.

I really like the look of the Barn-Raising squares from “Knitalong” but I don’t want to buy the book for that one pattern. This is a good one because it would allow me to use up leftover sock wool.

And I love the Hemlong Ring. Fabulous texture, thick and warm. Isobel made a gorgeous purple one - mmmm! But a bit small perhaps...

And there’s crochet of course. Babette?
Babette in lots of colours of Cascade 220? Or leftover sock wool?

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my shetland triangle! I knitted it for a wedding that I am now not going to (kids not invited) and I am not sure if my workplace is ready for wrap-style fashion! So I have no immediate plans for more lace-knitting. Not until I find occasions to wear what I knit! But I've definitely got over my fear of lace!


Sally said...

Your Shetland Lace Triangle might do a good job of keeping out some of the draught - it's amazing how warm all that holey lace can be! I wear my print o'the wave stole around the house all the time and use it as a blanket to snuggle under in front of the tv (I also have no other occasion to wear it - knitted it for a wedding which was held on the hottest day of the year so it stayed in the bag!)

RooKnits said...

You can wear your Shetland Lace as a scarf... a kind of back to front shawl. Or at least that is what I have been doing with my lace shawls, as I don't want them to become something fantastic that I never wear.
I love babette, think it would be really easy to join as you go, I hate the sewing up bit at the end if you make lots of little squares. However I also love Hemlock ring, but can't imagine sharing it! We have a (cold) leather sofa, so I always want a blanket to wrap around me, rather than just go over my lap. I am currently thinking about the perfect shape for my hexagon blanket and am even considering a hood, but maybe that is also going a bit too far!

Pat said...

You can wear your shetland triangle at home to counteract those wicked drafts. I sometimes wish I was back home in/near Aberdeen but then I remember how bleeding cold it is!

janey said...

I read your blog regularly and I do admire your ability to stay so cheerful and positive when you must be worried about your FL. I love your makes, especiallt your Shetland Lace Triangle. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.