Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Roo Roo Rowan and Rumba

I had an unusually sociable weekend.

FL and I went out for a meal… twice!

Then we went to see Rumba Caliente at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen – Latin music from the salsa side of Salsa Celtica. I danced a bit but FL was too tired to join me and I kind of lost confidence after the break so we left before the end. There were a few "real" salsa dancers there which was great, but everyone else just stood and watched, so I felt a bit exposed jiggling around by myself! As the band leader said “Come on Aberdeen, you’re a bit too mellow!”

Then on Sunday…. I met Roo! Woo hoo! She is in Scotland on holiday and I realised I was child-free on the right weekend for us to meet up at the Rowan 30th Anniversary Exhibition on its stop in Newburgh, home of Twist Fibrecraft. FL drove me down (far too fast!) and disappeared off with the Sunday papers while Roo, her BF and I did the knitty stuff.

The exhibition was… um… for Rowan fans. Well, that’s obvious isn’t it?! But I was slightly bemused by the display of intarsia monsters from the past – big carpet-like multi-coloured cotton “jumpers” which - sorry - made me laugh. I do remember starting one of them (at least 15 years ago!) and giving up because the resulting garment was shapeless, heavy and frankly unwearable. It was interesting from a “history of knitting” point of view, but other visitors were rather more reverential. They were swallowing it whole with wide wondering eyes. What was I expecting? I don’t know… maybe some mood boards to put the designs in context? Certainly better examples of finishing – I was shocked by the knotted back of one cardigan in particular. These were not museum-quality pieces and yet were being presented as if they were. Hmmm.

Off to Twist – ah that’s better! Comfort zone! A small but well-stocked shop with all manner of yarn, roving, natural dyestuffs etc. I bought wool for a hat for FL (his choice – wait and see!) and some funky packs of mixed buttons which might embellish future projects but will more likely be purloined by my daughter to make bracelets – which is fine at only £1.50 a bag! Roo was seduced by sock yarn – surprise!

We popped into an incongruously arty hat shop thinking it was a tea room and ogled the goods. Amazing stuff. I felt like I was in Clerkenwell or Hoxton. How much business do they do in a sleepy Fife Village?

Then we met up with FL to hunt down some lunch. It was looking bleak until we found Hatters cafe. (Hats again! A quick Google tells me that Newburgh has a history of hats!) FL insists that I recommend it on the blog! The décor was quirky and delightful (though Roo and BF were perched on the window ledge to eat!) and the menu was imaginative (hot pots inside a cottage loaf anyone?), the food was delicious, and the people were lovely. After checking out the local tumbleweed pubs, this was a revelation. Funny place, Newburgh!

I was too shy to whip out my camera, even though Roo had on my/her rainbow socks (Ravelry link) and had finished her first Honeybee sock (Ravelry link) in Mmmalabrigo sock – very photogenic! Rather regretting that now. Tsk.

So I leave you with a photo of the Julie Cuff from Blueprint Crochet which I gifted to Roo – a friendship bracelet! Although, to be honest, the Queen of Hexagon Blankets could have made a far better job of it herself – it’s the thought that counts! There were no text instructions so I made this entirely from the symbol chart. Yarn Yard Bonny left over from my Chevron scarf and a 3.25mm hook. Woo hoo!


Pat said...

How lovely to see Newburgh in your post. I lived there for a few years when I was a teenager - trust me it was a very different place then. No arty crafty shops at all, though I remember a particularly wonderful oldfashioned drapers and haberdashers with all the beautiful old fittings and cabinets. I'd heard, from the people who run Twist, that the town was transformed since my last visit. I think I'll have to come up with an excuse to go back!

RooKnits said...

It was a fabulous day, despite the nightmares about mustard jumpers that have followed. I wasn't allowed to go back to buy buttons... and I can't believe neither of us took any photos. My present is wonderful :o)

Kookie said...

The Julie cuff you made for your friend looks fabulous & the colours are gorgeous! I tried the patten when I saw it in Crochet Today but gave it up as a bad job : (