Monday, November 10, 2008

A dancing sock

Here is the first Highland Dancing sock for FL’s Christmas. It is very long! There is still a lot left on the first ball of Austermann Step but I am not going to risk using this for sock two in case the second ball doesn’t have an identical stripe sequence. They were bought at different times with different dye-lots, so these were only ever going to be fraternal socks, not twins. The modelling leg is mine, but I am confident that they will fit him.
I am very pleased with this sock - I especially like the back seam lace pattern which I had to tweak to keep the stitch count at 68 instead of the 63 on the pattern.

Currently on the needles: Aethenoth from the Loumms Year of Socks. This is my first ever toe-up sock! These are for my daughter, hopefully for Christmas. The yarn is Jitterbug, colour “Gaughin”, which I won from Roo a while back. My daughter claimed this yarn the moment she saw it so it was an obvious choice. I love the tight 3-D spin on this yarn – it reminds me of the late lamented Piece of Beauty merino sock.
I didn't get to the cat mittens. I was too much obsessed by making horse-footprints (see pattern for details) and doing "wraps" on my first ever toe-up-socks. Did I say that already? My first ever toe-ups?!

I am enjoying having a couple of projects to play with, but it does make me nervous about meeting the deadline. I hope I don’t get to Christmas Eve with two odd socks and one mitten!


zombiecazz said...

Lurvely socks. The design is gorgeous. I'm sure FL will be delighted with them.

loumms said...

They both look awesome! (Though is it wrong I'm more impressed by the fact you've cast on Aethenoth than all your amazing work on that incredibly complex Highland Dancing sock?)

Margaret said...

The dancing sock is so wonderful, that surely your FL will feel compelled to dance in them! That pattern is so intricate. You are very talented.