Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First pair of toe-ups: Aethenoth

Here they are! My first pair of toe-ups. The pattern is Aethenoth by Erqsome, part of the Loumms Year of Socks. 2.25mm dpns, two broken on sock two! Yarn: Jitterbug in "Gaughin" colourway.

It was all going beautifully until just after the heel turn on sock two.

Can you see what is peeking out below the hem of my jeans?

Look a little closer:


There was a knot in the skein, and after the join, the yarn was not the same as the previous 2/3 of the skein. The spacing between colours was entirely different. It may have come from the same dye-bath but it was not part of the same original hank, and as a result the "repeat" was shot to pieces, resulting in truly ugly pooling.

This was a real disappointment because I was loving the texture of the yarn. I would never recommend buying a variegated skein of Jitterbug after this! It is, in my opinion, extremely cynical of Colinette to do this to make up the weight. An independent dyer would never get away with it! The label advises to knit from two skeins alternately, but why would you if you only want to knit something little like a pair of socks? THIS is why! Because they can't even guarantee that 100g of yarn is a continuous length from the same dye-lot!


RooKnits said...

Grrrrrrrrr. That is so annoying, the colours were coming out so well too. I feel like I should email Colinette to complain, I wonder if I can dig out the original order email?

ambermoggie said...

what a pity after all your hard work:( I would definately complian Ruth. Have heard of a few people finding this. So sad as I always preferred colinette's yarn to others but I don't now sadly

Penny said...

There is a major difference in colour, isn't there. How frustrating.

Janey said...

If its any consolation I think both socks are independently pretty, they just don't match too well! That wouldn't bother me too much, how often do people look at both your feet at the same time!! Although it would drive my husband mad, and Colinette yarn isn't cheap so I can see why you are so frustrated, its the time knitting, too, I know.

Bryony Ramsden said...

I had that problem too and haven't touched the stuff since! My colourway wasn't as varied as yours, so it wasn't as bad, but I was pissed. And they were gift socks. Even I know not to knot together two different dye lots!