Tuesday, November 04, 2008

More gravestones

For fans of interesting gravestones. These are in Hatton of Fintray cemetery.

The central slab is newer than the carved sections and reads:

"Revised by WILLIAM WALKER & JESSIE COCKER in remembrance of their son WILLIAM WALKER watchmaker d. Woodside 30 Dec. 1865 aged 21; said WILLIAM WALKER d. Leeds 7 Apr. 1876 aged 73; said JESSIE COCKER d. Leeds 1 Oct. 1871 aged 57."

Or how about this rather more refined style of plaque?

"CHRISTIAN LAKIE wife of JOHN SKENE in Hatton of Fintray d. 4 Feb. 1833 aged 62; JOHN SKENE d. 27 Feb. 1859 aged 84."
I need to investigate this one...

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knitso said...

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