Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My first toe-up sock: Aethenoth

Firstly a big shout out to Erqsome for writing a toe-up pattern that I could understand the first time I read it! The number of times I have stared in puzzlement at a toe-up recipe and ended up putting it back down the queue until my brain-fog cleared! It helped that I had recently been immersed in Woolly Wormhead’s instructions for provisional cast-ons and “wrap and turns”, but nevertheless, hooray for Erqsome for use of the word “selvedge” in her directions for setting up the toe – light dawned and a sock was begun!

I found a few little mistakes and have emailed Erqsome about these - but it was nothing to fox an experienced sock-knitter.

This pattern got to me at exactly the right time. I wanted to start my daughter’s Christmas socks and I knew she liked the Jitterbug Gaughin in my stash. I didn’t have a clue what pattern to use as it needed to be interesting, a bit quirky, but not to fight with the variegated turquoise and purple. Aethenoth has four panels of lace ribbing and a central hoofprint design, unexpectedly in relief rather than as another lace section. I liked this contrast. And this will work well with my daughter’s Mary-Jane style shoes – the nobbley bits will be displayed and not be uncomfortable as they might be inside “closed” front footwear. If I was making these for me I would probably shift the hoofprints to the back to wear with mules. Which is an aspect of sock design which I hadn’t really thought about before – place your nobbles with care according to the wearer’s preferred shoe-style!

I chose the wrong dpns: this is a good example of a sock pattern which suits strong metal needles. I am using 2.25mm bendy wood and I am afraid a snappage is overdue. There are too many k3togtbls for comfort when using a firmly-spun yarn like Jitterbug.

This is the fastest sock I have ever knit! Partly it was the intrigue of knitting toe-up. And partly wanting to see how the colours would work out. But mostly the interest of the Aethenoth’s path section. I galloped up the first sock! And best of all – my daughter thinks I am knitting them for myself and is visibly envious – tee hee hee!


janey said...

Hi, this is lovely, I love the colours and the pattern is great, I've just checked it out on ravelry.

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