Monday, November 03, 2008

Notice to Quit

Dear Mr Mouse,

I put up with your scratchings. I put up with your nibblings. I even jollied my daughter along when she complained that you were keeping her awake all night with your excavations. True, my patience was sorely tried when you gnawed your way through the fresh plaster on my bedroom wall.
But this time you have gone TOO FAR!
Exhibit A: two skeins of Fyberspates hand-dyed Echo-Self-Striping BFL. YOU CHEWED through the cardboard box and then through the Zip-lok bag! Covered my wool in mouse-spit! My best, "saving it for special Christmas socks" yarn!

Why couldn't you have chosen the cheap wool/nylon mixes?
I note that you sampled my American "permanently moth-proofed" sportweight and found it too bitter. You are clearly a rodent of discerning taste.

I hope you enjoy the meal we have had delivered, specially for you.

Best wishes,



RooKnits said...

It happened to me too when I lived in London... but luckily it was only cheap acrylic. Boo to mice

Gabrielle said...

What is it with this year? After living in my house without incident for 10 years, 2008 was 'Attack of the Pests'.

This year, I've had to deal with:

- a scouting party of cockroaches, looking for a new home. They did not take up residence. Thank god. The instant use of deadly poison may have influenced them.

- a carpet beetle attack. Casualties: one skein of cashmere and holes munched in my first ever red, handknit sock. Plus I put my entire stash through a freeze and thaw cycle to make sure that nothing else was attacked.

- mice, which were so unafraid that they popped up through a hole in the floorboards to chomp their way happily through the nice blue food that I had put out for them...

...right in front of me. I took photos. They stopped visiting not long after they'd polished off (yes, the whole lot) an entire box of the blue stuff?

I was utterly mortified and mystified as I'm tidy, had a cleaner and there'd been no food (literally) in my house for almost a year due to my VLCD. All I had was sachets of diet dust, sitting sealed on the worktop - the rest of my cupboards etc. were clean and empty.

It's why my stash travelled with me - I daren't leave it unattended in storage. I was afraid that I'd come home to find mice, moths, beetles and all sorts nesting in it.

Right now, it's all bagged and in sealed Rubbermaid containers in the basement while we paint upstairs and each container has a anti-moth thing in it, just in case the Fella has nasties lurking downstairs that I have not spotted!

loutheperson said...

The mouse abviously has very good taste in yarn! Feel so bad for you as I can imagine just how upset I would be! It makes me want to keep my stash in a safe (not a bad idea!)

Bryony Ramsden said...

Well, at least you know that they'd appreciate your knitting!

When we had mice at least they stayed in the loft and ate the insulation instead.