Thursday, November 27, 2008

Responding to the challenge

Photo from Old Town
I am still getting over the shock of my challenge from FL!

As your comments suggested: it must be true love, he is indeed a good one, and yes, I do tend to dress the family before I dress myself. I am also a very bad-tempered shopper – I hate crowds and changing rooms and the glazed-eyed fragrant footballers’ wives who tend to frequent department stores and look down their air-brushed noses at me – if only in my paranoid imagination. I usually last about an hour before I shout at some ignorant orange fool for bumping into me or sneering at my plaits. My children hate shopping with me! And I don’t have anyone else to shop with. So I prefer to shop by mail order or make my own clothes.

Other issues about my taste in clothes are: I prefer natural materials; I don’t want people to say “Oh – isn’t that Boden?”; and I really really resent spending money on dry-cleaning.

FL’s challenge is both exciting and scary. He won’t take no for an answer. And I don’t want to waste the opportunity by buying things I will wear once and then push to the back of the wardrobe because they are not really “me”. Part of the issue is that the day job is smarter than I naturally am. I would love to live in jeans and handknits but it would be frowned upon. As it is, there have been comments from the bosses about my “creative” style of dress – I thanked them very much! For work in the cold weather, I have my “range” of home-made mostly-tweedy skirts with a couple of toning cardigans and a few hand-made scarves… and they feel safe and warm. Yes, I admit that I have got into a bit of a rut, often wearing the same thing two days running (gasp!) and there are several things in my work wardrobe I never wear (second-hand purple tweed Next trouser suit circa 1990 anyone?)… but they are familiar.

Given a fat cheque to spend on clothes, my instinct is to buy: the wool to knit Sylvi, new super-wide jeans, a thick warm dressing gown, flannelette pyjamas, some fur-lined chunky boots, thick tights… instead of the rather more conservative “things for work” that FL intended. Perhaps I need to do a bit of both. Or better still, find a middle path. Buy and make things that I would actually like to wear to work and which would pass the Committee test! Who knew it could be this hard?!

Come on Roobeedoo, get a grip and crank up your style!

Currently loving (but not happy with the prices!): Old Town


Kyoko said...

I too shop on my own. Currently avoiding to go into West End during the weekend. It will kill me! Once I made a smart trousers and I absolutely loved it (and the over all cost was so low).

zombiecazz said...

I'm a charity shop shopper. I buy just about all my clothes there.
Got a pair of pinstrip brown F&F (tesco's more costly range) from Barnardo's for £2.75 last week.
I hate high street shops, the crowds, the heat, the dressing rooms and most of all THE PRICE!!!

tea and cake said...

Seems to me like you've answered your own question. Make things that you love, in fabrics you adore. It will apease FL that you are actually spending money on yourself for clothing, and you for choosing and making exactly what You want, not what is stocked in the shops, or too pricey elsewhere, voila!

motopacsman said...

Most women in your situation have a gay male friend who does this sort of work for them as a labor of love. Find one. :)

Roobeedoo said...

Andre - book your plane ticket NOW!