Monday, November 24, 2008

Snowy birthday weekend

I had a lovely birthday weekend. We all went out for a meal on Friday night (Turkish meze – yum yum yum!) and barely made it back up the farm road as the snow closed in. If I had been driving we would have had to get out and walk! As it was, FL had to take a run at the hill and we only just got to the house in a slithering rush.

On Saturday, I decided there was no point in getting stressed trying to get the car out and settled down for the whole “snowed in” experience with the kids: a crate of clementines, hot chocolate, marshmallows…. but FL was determined not to miss “coffee” at the golf club and wore himself out gritting the road, refusing help from me or the neighbours (stubborn!).

Once he’d gone and I had stopped worrying about him, we went on a long snowy walk. We saw an owl and three deer! And the dog found some stray sheep in our field – eek!
Luckily, he couldn’t decide which one to chase and they got away. We pretended the trampoline was a cake and wrote “Happy Birthday!” on the snow – hooray!
Sunday was spent with my daughter and the “Sublime Stitching Craft Pad”. She wanted to embroider an apron for school cookery classes, so chose the iced cake motif. I had a couple of vintage cotton pillowcases put by for a snowy day and chose a stylised bird design. Though I thought about the hummingbirds or the flamingos.
The Craft Pad is literally a pad of embroidery transfers, with no sewing instructions. (There is a book by the same author if you need more help with the basics.) I had my trusty 1950’s “Big Book of Needlecraft” to refer to for stitching directions.
The designs are really funky, often downright kitsch, so not like the kind of embroidery you may be used to. There’s a great sword-through-the-heart tattoo design, a busty bad fairy on a toadstool, superheroes, chandeliers, a heavy metal wizard-face… something for everyone except, perhaps, your granny!
There are lots more sets to choose from on the designer’s website, but I thought this Pad would keep my daughter and I going for a while.
The transfers can be used over and over again provided you look after them. Just don’t forget to put a layer of card underneath your fabric unless you want to print the cover of your ironing board, as we did – oops!


tea and cake said...

What a lovely birthday weekend! Happy Birthday to you, tra la!

RooKnits said...

What a lovely snowy Birthday weekend. I love the embroidery! I hope your birthday parcel arrives soon.

motopacsman said...

Happy belated birthday to you.

Congrats to FL for being persistent. Sometimes these minor accomplishments are what keep us going.