Friday, November 21, 2008

An unusual challenge

"Roo - there's something I want you to do for me," said FL "and I am deadly serious, and you must promise you will."

OMG what could it be - my heart was racing and I was really quite scared. Dreadful thoughts of mortality and destruction ran through my head. What could it be? Preparations for a funeral? Was he feeling ill? Had he had a row with one of his children? Had he found my wool stash and wanted me to ebay it asap?!

There was a long pause while I went: "Mmmm hmmm...?" and caught hold of his hand in a deeply-concerned way and gazed into his eyes.

And then he said: " I am going to put £X in the joint account and you must promise me that over the next year you will spend it on clothes. And I will be monitoring it to make sure you do."

I laughed, a short explosive sort of a laugh. The kind that comes from relief and disbelief.


"You just don't have enough to wear. You keep wearing the same things over and over again. They are all beautiful, but really I want you to look your best all the time. Some things badly need to be taken out of circulation and replaced by new. You can make them or buy them, but just DO IT. Do you promise?"

"Have you been watching Gok or Trinny and Susannah?" I asked.

"Do you promise?"

"um.... ok then...."



RooKnits said...

This made me laugh out loud at work! Yeah for shopping and clothes making :o)

Penny said...

Oh exciting - unless you hate shopping. Have you got some friends who will go shopping with you?

zombiecazz said...

OMG he's so sweet.
If you're anything like me, I tend to spend any spare cash on my Kids and my man and I come last, it's so sweet for him to goes here's X and you had better spend it on yourself or else. It would help with my guilt for sure.

Margaret said...

You are blessed with a good one!

Anonymous said... that is simply true love...

CarpeDyem said...

That story warms my heart!

Mad about Craft said...

Will you have a word in the Oh! Bearded One's ear, please?