Monday, November 17, 2008

Winter warmers

No pictures – they are at home beyond the limbo which is my supposed broadband connection. Grrr.

But take my word for it – I finished Aethenoth and I love the pattern… but not the yarn. You will understand why when you see the pictures!

I have knitted half a cat mitten (Ravelry) and it is gorgeous, if I may say so myself, but I am not sure how warm they are going to be. I need to rethink yarn for mittens and get something special rather than using sock yarn from the stash.

But today’s post is to share my latest “waking from sleep in excitement” project plan. Have you seen Sylvi?! I am smitten.

The family think I have lost my mind. Knit a COAT?! But this isn’t any old coat – look at that hood and the tangle of vines and the flowers and the a-line… WOW! My problem is finding a “bulky” yarn that does not weigh several tons, will wear well and justify the heirloom / investment nature of this project. I thought about swatching for aran-weight and going for plant-dyed aran in Peony or even Moss green from Knitting 4 Fun. But at £72 for the yarn, this is a bigger financial investment than I can justify. Any suggestions for a UK sub?

In central heating news, we have bought a thermometer and I can confirm that our fabulous new central heating system achieves an average temperature of 58F / 14C in the main living room. Less than that everywhere else. Not very much higher than outdoors on the washing green, with a similar wind-chill factor. We only just broke the 60F barrier in the kitchen when I roasted a chicken on Sunday – woo hoo? My Christmas wish-list is topped by blankets and thermal underwear. The “repair team” has not yet fixed the bathroom heater (reported in June) so the bathroom is an icebox, and the “insulation team” has not yet made an appointment (due within 2 weeks of the central heating in May). And don’t get me wrong – we have been ringing the “social care team” twice a week every week to express our frustration.

I bet they have warm houses.

Maybe I need a knitted coat…


RooKnits said...

Maybe you do need a knitted coat. I think it is wonderful... along with the Postwar mittens and the colourwork socks - which I am going to start SOON.
How about one of the New Lanark Arans for the coat?

tea and cake said...

OOOH, Sylvi is beautiful!
seems like you need to knit squares, for blankets to keep warm - good job you have socks, eh? And, it's a bugger when they do that with the yarn - cheating, I think.