Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yarns and plans

My Malabrigo sock yarn arrived and is truly lovely. I opted for Persia and Eggplant. Persia being a deep rich blue with hints of bronze – but only a few; and eggplant being a deep and murky purple verging on charcoal. Both to be packed in a (clean!) plastic sandwich box for fear of munching wildlife! I went on to the Socktopus site today to borrow these pictures (I hope Alice doesn't mind but there is no daylight here!) and Persia has gone but there are lots of new colours to choose from. Also the very-tempting-looking Hazel Knits is in stock in many colours: “Chocolatier” – mmm!. But I must not. Ditto the Knitting Goddess Sock Club. Ditto a new range of On Line self-striping sock yarn called “Circle”. Too many temptations!

I am actually doing very well with stash-smashing, but that’s no excuse to build it up again – especially without proper mouse-proof storage facilities!

FL’s first Christmas stocking is almost complete. I managed to work out a double-lace back seam feature to allow for my modified stitch count (68 stitches instead of 63). I really like how it has worked out. The Austermann Step yarn is lovely and soft and yet strong. I prefer their more recent colourways (there is a turquoise and charcoal stripe I like the look of) but these are going to be fine. I think you are right, Andre – FL is deliberately blind to this project in honour of Christmas! He was sitting next to me last night and I saw him eyeing up the sheer length of the sock (with turn-over cuff not yet turned over it is a good 20 inches long) but he didn’t say a word!

I am going to interrupt this project this weekend to knit my daughter some cat mittens (Ravelry link). Mitten Fever is taking over the web and I am not going to be left out. I am thinking red and black, but I will have to have a play before I decide.

And I am intrigued by the Year of Socks over at Loumms blog and might allow myself to be distracted by that. I feel the need to “join in” with something.

Overall, my Christmas knitting is going to plan. If my daughter gets mittens rather than socks I don’t think she will mind. So surely I can manage to make a couple of hats and FL’s second sock in time…?


RooKnits said...

Ooooh that online sock yarn is great. Particularly 1059. STOP tempting me. You know I don't need more sock yarn!
Looking forward to seeing the stockings. I have just realised it isn't that long until Christmas so I should really sort out what I am making small children (hats probably) and get their parents to measure their heads!

tea and cake said...

delicious sock yarn! STOP me, too!

loumms said...

Join us! Haha! I hope you do, even if it is a distraction. I'm terribly impressed that you've started your Christmas knitting already -- I guess that's next!

zombiecazz said...

Love the cat mittens. I wonder if I could do something similar in crochet.

Bryony Ramsden said...

Mittens! Mittens! Mittens are the new Peaches Geldof (or something). Yeah you can finish in time so stop shopping and go knit ;D

Also, I want to bury my face in Malabrigo sock yarn. Isn't it just delicious?!