Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Advent socks

Work continues on the second sock for FL. I have finished the cuff – still a long way to go! My fluey brain caused me to knit one lace row twice – two inches ago. Sorry FL but I am not ripping it back. If you look at it with your eyes crossed you won’t notice it. (Yes I tried it!)

As the end of the year approaches, I am restless to finish this project off and start something new over the holidays. I am also thinking (again!) that I need a proper plan of action because I have so much yarn, and so many projects in the Ravelry queue, and no way of organising myself. I had this crazy idea to make myself the equivalent of an advent calendar for the year: a big chart of doors to open one by one at random. Behind each door would be either a pattern or a yarn from the stash. Whatever lies behind the door is my next project… what do you think?! It could be a lot of fun making the chart, printing off photos from Ravelry and sticking them behind the doors!

P.S. This (You Tube link) is NOTHING to do with me, I swear! I found it when I did a search for "Advent Socks"!

Meantime, I intend to get started on the next Loumms Year of Socks pattern: Mulled Wine. They are short socks so should be quick to knit. I think I have enough red Nature’s Palette left after the Cat Mittens. This design begs to be made in a Christmassy colour! I haven’t yet made my customary “teenaged girl cousin” gift this year and these could be the answer. They might be slightly late though… I might have to panic-knit some wristwarmers if FL’s socks don’t finish themselves soon!

And there’s the blanket. I still want and need a blanket for the sofa. Maybe I can get my mum to knit a few squares while she is staying for Christmas! I have decided that Babette is a longer-term plan. For now, I am going to work on the Barn-Raising Squares from Knitalong using leftover sock wool. Apparently you can get three large (7 ½ inch) squares out of 50g of sock yarn – perfect for using up odds and ends of balls!

Anyway, must go and do some cutting and pasting: pass the glue-stick!


RooKnits said...

I love the advent idea... I know I'd never stick to it though.

Janey said...

Hey the advent idea sounds fab but if you're like me it will be a project in itself and there it will end!! I was very good at drawing up the most creative and beautiful revision timetables at school, trouble is they took so long that I didn't have time, or inclination to be fair, for the revision!!